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estetik cerrahi


estetik cerrahi Op. Dr. Oytun idil is a plastic surgery specialist working in the less interesting areas of plastic surgery. He does not perform some commonly performed surgeries such as rhinoplasty at all, however he intensively performs many different surgeries that are not commonly performed and that many surgeons are not interested in. He mostly works on male genital aesthetics and silicone implant surgeries. Apart from these, he performs operations such as tongue reduction, drooling, bichectomy, breast aesthetics, liposuction, and Adam's apple reduction. Butt implants, pectoral implants, calf implants and male body aesthetic surgeries are also of interest in male patients who are interested in bodybuilding. In patients with a very thin leg due to polio, the asymmetry between the legs is eliminated with a special surgery in 2 sessions.

If you cannot view the video below, click here to watch it on YouTube.

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estetik cerrahi EXAMINATION FORM: The first thing you should do when applying for examination and surgery, filling the inspection form on the documentation page and sending it to us by e-mail. Do not forget to add your wishes and, if possible, a few photos of the surgery area to your e-mail.

estetik cerrahi He gives presentations and courses on male genital aesthetics at congresses, universities and private physician groups from time to time.

estetik cerrahi Op. Dr. Oytun idil received the "Most Innovative Plastic Surgeon" award within the scope of Turkey Awards in 2018.

Do you know that you can make video calls with Dr. Oytun İdil?

estetik cerrahi Op. Dr. Oytun İdil has always been a surgeon who likes to communicate directly with his patients. That's why he has been using the same mobile phone lines (+90 533 5690649 / +90 505 2965569) since 2000, when he got his expertise, and he always gives his patients their mobile numbers. Therefore, you can always call your doctor on your mobile phone (before or after the surgery) and talk to him directly.

estetik cerrahi In addition, wherever you are in the world, you have the opportunity to video call him. If you click on the SKYPE link in the left menu, you have the opportunity to make a video call with your doctor directly with the SKYPE application on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Likewise, there is the possibility of video calling via Whatsapp (+90 533 5690649).

estetik cerrahi Skype video calls are very useful, especially if our patients living abroad want to consult their doctors after the surgery. Thus, even if you are abroad, your doctor can see the operation field and follow you.

estetik cerrahi Please be careful not to call at night according to Turkey time, both when calling on the phone and while making a SKYPE call (thinking that the doctor has brain surgeries in the morning). Note: If our patients who have had surgery have any complaints or anything to ask, they should call their mobile immediately, regardless of what time it is.

Special surgical instruments designed by Dr. Oytun İdil make operations easier.

estetik cerrahi There are 2 surgical instruments developed by Dr. Oytun İdil.

estetik cerrahi 1 - İdil calf dissector: This instrument is used for placing silicone calf implants in leg aesthetics. It is a surgical instrument that reduced the operation time, which used to take 5-6 hours before, to 45 minutes, and ensured a much more convenient and safe placement of the implant. Leg aesthetic surgery performed with this surgical instrument is completely bloodless. International patent has been obtained (Patent no: TR 2014 12611 Y). Currently, Electron Medical in Istanbul has produced this device and offered it to all plastic surgeons. Since the production right of İdil calf dissector was gifted to the company, Op. Dr. Oytun İdil does not take any share from the sales of this instrument. The aim is to supply the idyll calf dissector to surgeons as cheaply as possible; This surgical instrument is our gift to the Turkish plastic surgery community.

estetik cerrahi This surgical instrument has 2 features that allow it to be patented. First, the intramuscular space where the implant will be placed is opened with its rounded tip. Meanwhile, the length of the opened space can be measured by the ruler on it. If an 18 cm long implant is to be placed, this intramuscular space should be 20 cm. Thanks to the ruler on the dissector, there is no problem in the placement of the implant as the space is opened to the proper length. After the cavity of the implant is opened, the implant is placed on the protrusion at the other end of the dissector. The pocket at the end of the implants is made for inserting such an instrument. The manufacturers of the implants usually recommend placing a liposuction cannula in this pocket and pushing the implant in; however, this maneuver is very risky because a long thin instrument such as a liposuction cannula can puncture the implant and sink into it. Therefore, the tip of the Idil calf dissector has a small protrusion suitable for the pocket of the implant, while the rest of the dissector is 2 cm wide. Therefore, the dissector does not go into this pocket and puncture the implant. Since the implant cavity is already sufficiently opened, you will not encounter any difficulties while placing the implant.

estetik cerrahi The Idil calf dissector is definitely a revolution in this surgery as it reduces the duration of the calf implant placement surgery from 5-6 hours to 45 minutes, renders it completely bloodless, and allows the implant to be placed in a perfectly suitable space without encountering any resistance. Although it is actually a very simple surgical instrument, it is a fact that this surgery can be very difficult without an Idil calf dissector. Surgeon friends who use it know...

estetik cerrahi The use of İdil calf dissector with our video presentation at the 2016 aesthetic surgery congress:

estetik cerrahi 2 - Penis retractor: We developed this surgical instrument purely out of necessity. While we were separating the penis from the pelvis and advancing it outward during the penis enlargement surgery, we could not find a suitable surgical retractor, so we had to develop a special instrument. We have developed this surgical instrument since no retractor has been produced that will allow us to fully grasp the body of the penile tissue and pull it out. Thanks to this surgical instrument, the lengthening process in penile lengthening surgery is performed in the form of maximum lengthening. This instrument is not mass produced or sold. One example Op. Dr. Oytun İdil is also present. We have been using it in all our penis enlargement surgeries for about 10 years.

Your surgery is recorded from beginning to end. You can watch it later if you wish.

estetik cerrahi We have been video-recording all our surgeries from start to finish for about 13 years. We think of it like a security camera for our patients. All procedures in surgeries, preparation of the patient's operating field, performing the surgery, suturing etc. are recorded with video. Especially in surgeries where we use silicone implants, opening the original box of the original implants and washing them with antibiotic serum are recorded.

estetik cerrahi One of the importance of these video recordings is that if you have a problem in the future, if there are any complications, it can be viewed from the video recordings by returning to the video recording what was done at the relevant point of the surgery.

Op. Dr. Oytun İdil    (Plastic, aesthetic & reconstructive surgeon)
Address: Rumeli cad. No:3 D:1 Nişantaşı, Şişli - İstanbul / Türkiye
E-mail: oytunmd@gmail.com
GSM: +90 533 569 0649    +90 505 296 5569    +90 553 985 8087
Office line: +90 212 296 3656    +90 505 137 1393
Whatsapp: +90 533 569 0649    +90 553 985 8087