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estetik cerrahi


Op. Dr. Oytun idil has been working as a private physician since 2000. He is a member of the Turkish plastic surgery association. Over the years, he has specialized in some surgeries. While some surgeries are intensively performed, some surgeries are not performed at all.

For example, he stopped doing rhinoplasty 12 years ago. He doesn't like rhinoplasty. He performs facial aesthetic surgeries such as face lifts, but not as intensely as before.

The surgeries that he was particularly interested in and performed intensively are listed below. Many of these surgeries are not commonly performed and plastic surgeons are not very interested in them. These surgeries are Dr. Dr. Oytun İdil is of particular interest.

You will find links to our other websites related to surgeries in the list below.

Breast aesthetics

Penis enlargement

Correction of penile curvature

Penoscrotal web correction

Other male genital plastic surgeries

Adam's apple removal

Drooling surgery (cessation of drooling)

Tongue reduction

Bichectomy (Cheek thinning)

Leg aesthetics (calf implant)

Buttock aesthetics (Gluteal implant, liposuction, lipofilling)

Silicone implant surgeries for men

Tummy tuck, liposuction, thight lift

Op. Dr. Oytun İdil    (Plastic, aesthetic & reconstructive surgeon)
Address: Rumeli cad. No:3 D:1 Nişantaşı, Şişli - İstanbul / Türkiye
E-mail: oytunmd@gmail.com
GSM: +90 533 569 0649    +90 505 296 5569    +90 553 985 8087
Office line: +90 212 296 3656    +90 505 137 1393
Whatsapp: +90 533 569 0649    +90 553 985 8087